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Watering                    Most Annuals need to be watered everyday, especially if in the                                               sun.

Fertilizing                   Annual flowers like to be fertilized bi weekly with water soluable


Deadheading           Pinch off old flowers/spent blooms to create/generate new                                        growth


Please note the availability of all annual flowers are dependent on weather and delivery from growers.

Trees + Shrubs

- Something along the lines of.... 'How do you recommend we                                                         plant this (tree/shrub)?

                                                            - In a nutshell... dig a hole 2x the diameter of the root ball, only deep enough so that the top 1" of the rootball is above ground level. Remove plant from growers pot and place in hole; examine the rootball, if roots appear to be growing in mass, it is encouraged to gently loosen them with your hands; we want roots to spread out, not grow in circles around eachother. With the plant in the hole, then add equal parts compost and the appropriate amount of Bio-Tone starter (detailed on the packaging) to pile of native dirt (most often heavy with clay, welcome to missouri! lol) and work together until you have a fine mix. This will be the back fill dirt, or rather, the dirt you would use to firmly pack in and fill the rest of hole around the rootball. Firmly Build soil up to meet the top of the rootball, but do not cover top of rootball with a mountain of soil. (Any left over soil you may have can be saved for the next planting or spread evenly around your new specimen.) Then, cover rootball in the shape of a donut with mulch. This will create a target (kinda like a bowl) for watering and funnnel your efforts directly to the roots; saving you time and making your plants happier (we always say, work smarter, not harder). After Mulching, water your new plant in by first wetting the mulch, and then filling the center to the brim, allow this to soak in completely before filling for a second time.

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