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Our greenhouse is filled with a huge selection of indoor houseplants, tropicals, cacti, succulents, terrarium plants, bonsai, tillandsia (air plants), and orchids. We're always searching for new and interesting varieties. If you're looking to find a unique selection of tropicals or wanting to begin your indoor garden, start here!


The greenhouse is open and stocked year-round. In the summer, our greenhouse expands to the patio, where you can find outdoor tropicals including hibiscus, jasmine plants, citrus plants, mandevilla, and palms of all varieties. Stop by today to check out our current selection! As always, we're glad to answer any questions you might have about caring for your new plant indoors!

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You picked out the houseplant of your dreams. Now it's time to keep it alive. Our greenhouse experts are glad to help make sure you know the exact care instructions for your new plant. Whether taking home that succulent, cacti, houseplant, or air plant, we'll make sure you know when to water and where to put your new plant. We love helping set you up for indoor garden success. 


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air plants

A plant that doesn't need to be watered? Sign us up! Tillandsia, commonly known as air plants, are an intriguing, low-maintenance addition to any space, making them the perfect plant for houseplant beginners.


What's the catch? No catch, but there is a little bit of care involved. We recommend soaking your air plant in water for 3-4 hours once a week to make sure it doesn't get too dry. They're just that easy!


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