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Not only do trees and shrubs provide undeniable beauty and backbone to your landscape, they offer shade, privacy, and wildlife protection. We pride ourselves in our large, unique selection of trees and shrubs for every season. We'd be glad to help you find a plant that suits your landscape!


We specialize in selling smaller ornamental specimen trees and shrubs for the urban landscape.


DeliverY + Installation

We deliver and trees, shrubs, fountains and more! We deliver within the central corridor of St. Louis, and delivery charges vary based on delivery load and distance. Our installation services for trees and shrubs include delivery, soil amending, planting, and mulching. Costs vary based on the number and type of plant. The best part of having an amazing garden installed? We offer a one-year warranty that covers any tree or shrub we install! It is our aim to make sure you love your new landscape and your investment lasts.


Trees need fertilizer, too. 

Most everyone knows to fertilize their houseplants, perennials, and annuals, but did you know that trees need fertilizer, too? Just like with any other plant, fertilizer provides the correct nutrients a tree needs to reach full maturity and potential. Whereas trees in a forest are naturally fertilized by the years of  built up fallen leaves, branches, and other plant material, our local lawns haven't had the same benefit of natural fertilization.


Well fertilized trees are better able to withstand age, pests, and disease and mature more beautifully. Where do you start when fertilizing trees? We suggest starting with compost as well as one of our favorite products, Bio-Tone Starter by Espoma. Apply Bio-Tone Starter during growing season- in smaller doses for young trees and only twice a year for more developed trees. Stop by Garden Heights today- we'd be glad to help you find the right fertilizer and compost for your landscape!


For your convenience, we've compiled a list of the trees and shrubs that we'll be offering this year at Garden Heights. Please note that we may not have all varieties in stock as our plants are delivered throughout the season and are subject to availability. Stop by today to see our current selection! 


2022 Trees + Shrubs
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We offer a one year, one time warranty for all hardy trees and shrubs purchased at our nursery! Click below to learn more!




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