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In addition to amazing gifts and decor, Garden Heights Nursery has all the tools, outdoor accessories, and support you need to create and maintain a healthy garden. No matter what shade of green your thumb is – our team has your back. With the right tools, you can get the job done easier.


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We're a local business, and we love supporting other St. Louis businesses, craft-makers, and artists by carrying their products in our store. Check out these locally-made goods next time you're in!

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Garden Heights



Celebrate someone amazing with a Garden Heights gift card! Stop by today to pick one up, or send them an e-gift card at the link below!

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We carry a large selection of seeds and seed starting supplies to help start your garden off right! Choose from a variety of perennials, herbs, and vegetables, then use our seed-starting kits to get them growing!

Looking to create a lush, full lawn? Get your yard growing with one of our favorites- George's Magic Mix grass seed, formulated just for the St. Louis area! 


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We stock practical and ergonomic tools to help you tackle any outdoor project. Our selection of handheld gardening tools are tested and used daily by our own team and we only carry the best tools from well-known companies like Felco, Radius, Barebones, and Joseph Bentley.


Maintaining a lush lawn, vibrant flowerbeds and garden-to-table edibles usually means that Mother Nature needs a little boost, with planned watering. The right watering tools can make maintaining your outdoor spaces easy – and fun!We have a wide selection of unique and classic watering tools and cans to make keeping your plants healthy an effortless habit. 

Plant Healthcare

We carry a large variety of fertilizer, organic insect and disease control products, as well as plant food created to feed, protect, and treat your plants. We carry only trusted and respectable brands including Espoma, MiracleGro, Safer, Bobbex, Jack's Menterey, Bonide, Sluggo, Bayer, and more.



We carry a variety of soils for all types of gardening projects. Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix is an all-purpose mix that works well for germinating seeds, in your garden bed, or in your indoor garden. We also carry soils from Espoma including specific potting mixes for seed starting, orchids, cacti, succulents, bonsai, and African violets.


Mulch provides a protective ground layer for your new plant. Not only does mulch make your landscape look trimmed and polished, it helps with preventing soil erosion, moisture retention, weed control, and even encourages earthworms to move in! We only offer double ground hardwood mulch in 2-cubic-foot bags. We do not carry mulch in bulk. 



We have all the accessories you need for your pots and planters. Beautify your garden with our selection of planter accessories, including shepherd's hooks, plant supports, hay racks, coco liner, ceramic fountains, and garden decor. 

pottery perfection

From hanging baskets to aged terra cotta to frost-resistant ceramic planters, you'll find a pot to suit your every need and style. We even carry self-water pots and specialty pots for bonsais and orchids.

Want to make your own terrarium? We have a wide selection of glassware and bowls that will set the perfect stage for your plant haven. 

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1605 Big Bend Blvd

Richmond Heights, MO 63117

314 - 645 - 7333

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