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Welcome to Garden Heights

We've been in business for 25 years now, helping make homes and gardens all around our community spectacular! Since the first day of spring in 1996, home gardeners and green-industry professionals alike have chosen Garden Heights Nursery for their plant, gardening, and outdoor living needs.



Garden Heights Nursery has been a trusted partner and supplier for over 20 years, providing the St. Louis-area with the largest selection of premium plant material, with thousands of varieties to choose from. Our plants are delivered fresh from only the best growers, so you know they are healthy and thriving.





We're here for you. We're outdoor experts and horticulturalists, dedicated to making sure you find just what you need. No need to wonder how to care for your plant when you get home. We'll help set you up for success!



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Lou D'Agrosa

Lou felt there was a need for an upscale garden center in the central corridor. His dream became a reality in 1996 when the nursery opened for business. He is passionate about his community and is active and instrumental in the beautification of the area. Lou received his Bachelor of Science in Horticulture at University of Missouri Columbia. Before opening Garden Heights, he worked as a landscape designer and contractor for over ten years. When he's not at the nursery, he enjoys gardening at home and is an avid runner. In addition to owning Garden Heights, Lou is the Board President of United Garden Centers and a board member of the Missouri Green Industry Alliance and the St. Louis Community College at Meramec Horticulture advisory board.


Andrea aronberg


Andrea started at Garden Heights Nursery in its second year! She is the centerpiece of much of Garden Heights’ operations as the head cashier. Andrea received her BA in Spanish and teaching certificate from Saint Louis University. She taught high school for seven years before retiring early to raise her three sons, who have now grown up! Last spring, she added steps, porch, retaining wall, and a beautiful Japanese maple to her front yard and is excited to start adding annuals and perennials. When she’s not at the nursery, she loves to travel and enjoys doing crossword puzzles.

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Steve Roesch


Steve has been with Garden Heights Nursery since he was a high school freshman in the spring of 2004! He is the inventory and sales manager for all of our trees and shrubs. Steve has a BA in Mathematics with a minor in secondary education from Webster University as well fifteen years of plant knowledge from working at the nursery. Steve enjoys pond-scaping, water gardening, and rock-scaping with evergreens. He loves the bold contrast of using color and texture in the garden. When not in the garden, Steve loves to take road trips with his family and take in the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Kristi Neuman.jpg

Kristi Neuman


Kristi has been with Garden Heights since spring of 2014. She is our greenhouse buyer and manager. You can find her in the greenhouse or patio when it’s warm. Kristi was born into a family of farmers and avid gardeners, enjoying the bounty of gardening from infancy. Her own yard includes mixed ornamental borders, fruiting trees, herbs, and a cornucopia of vegetables. With over thirty years of caring for tropical plants, Kristi is a valuable source of knowledge and will ensure you select the right plant for your space!

Anne Deutch


Anne started at Garden Heights in 2006 and is the perennial buyer for the nursery. She received her BS in Marketing from University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has been an avid gardener for many years and focuses on her own perennial garden. She loves trying new plants and recently has been adding many natives and pollinator plants into the mix. Her garden is always changing, but her current favorites include Amsonia, Baptisia, Agastache, Allium, Monarda, and Hardy Hibiscus for sunny areas as well as Astilbe,Ajuga, Hellebores, Polygonatum, Carex, and ferns for shady areas. When she’s not at the nursery or working in her garden, you can find her with a good book, cooking, traveling, biking, or entertaining her cats!

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Clarissa is a Garden Heights repeat bloomer! She has worked at the nursery for many seasons in the past 20 years, and she joined our team full time as our Annuals, Vegetables, and Herbs Buyer in Fall of 2020. She is a lifelong, self-taught gardener, always keeping something flourishing whether in raised beds, fire escape patios, community gardens or her own yard. She has excellent experience creating container and mixed border gardens, and for her own enjoyment loves growing flowers and foliage for cut arrangements. Although it’s difficult to pick just one favorite plant, she loves perennial pink epimedium grandiflorum for its beautiful blooms even in St. Louis’s hot summers!

Zach cramberg


Zach has been working at Garden Heights for three years now and is responsible for our amazing pottery and gift selection! He has a degree in Interior Design from the University of Missouri-Columbia and loves helping others design their spaces. In addition to being an avid gardener and rehabber, Zach is pursuing his certification in neurophysiology.

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Lisa started at Garden Heights 3 years ago and makes it her mission to have the perfect pot available for every plant in our store! She loves getting to orchestrate Garden Heights’ unique selection of pottery, home décor and gifts and continue making Garden Heights a place to find beautiful things for the home- both inside and out! Her favorite plants for home spaces are either the bird’s nest fern for its easy care and bold personality or the always-adored fiddle leaf fig! When not at Garden Heights, she loves traveling, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying the outdoors through biking and golfing!




Dylan joined the Garden Heights team at the beginning of 2021! He has an associates in Horticulture with a focus on design from Meramec College and has been in residential landscaping since 2003. Aside from his passion for landscape design, he was involved in small scale agriculture for many years, managing and working on farms in both Missouri and North Carolina. Always passionate about sustainability, his favorite plants are those that provide the greatest ecological benefit, serving the purpose of beauty and function at the same time.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing the banjo and listening to traditional Americana music.


Jim Walton


Jim is the resident "muscle" at Garden Heights, constantly moving and loading heavy material at the nursery. Before joining the Garden Heights team in the spring of 2013, Jimmie studied horticulture and worked in lawn maintenance. He loves the look of Fine Line Buckthorns and Azaleas in contemporary landscapes.

Tom bowman


Tom officially joined the Garden Heights staff in 2010 after being the tree/shrub installer and long time friend for many years. Tom has worked in the landscaping industry for over 20 years at Landscape St. Louis and Rosenthal Landscaping and has his certificate in horticulture from South County Tech. He loves woodland gardens, native plants, small ornamental vernalis (Ozark Witch Hazel), and Itea virginica Henry’s Garnet (Virginia Sweetspire). When he’s not at the nursery, Tom is often venturing through the beautiful Missouri wilderness and finding new swimming and fishing spots!

Tom Bowman .jpg

Tony Lamacchia


Tony has been working at Garden Heights since spring of 2014. He has 15 years of experience working with all varieties of plants and is an avid, experienced herb and vegetable gardener. At home he loves growing lemon thyme, lion’s tail, Thai basil, and red Malabar spinach. When not at Garden Heights, Tony can be found playing drums in several local bands or playing pinball at Silver Ballroom.

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Jeff hatchard


Jeff has been with Garden Heights since spring 2014. He is our all-around guy! You can find him in our tree and shrub lot or floating all around the nursery helping everyone. Jeff has a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and a minor in Economics. He has worked in the grocery business for over ten years, most recently at Johnny’s Market Inc. 




Missy has been an amazing part of our greenhouse team since May of 2019 and loves getting to share her passion for indoor plants- especially sansevierias and hoya! She has 17 years of experience with plants and lawn care and uses that knowledge to find the best seeds and bulbs for our store and keep every plant in the greenhouse happy and healthy! Her home plant collection includes over 50 types of sansevierias and over 100 plants total! When she’s not taking care of plants at Garden Heights or home, she loves spending time with her dogs, Larry and Tater.




Marisa has been at Garden Heights since February of 2020 and loves getting to take care of all the plants in the greenhouse and help our customers find the perfect houseplant for their space! She loves sharing all about philodendrons, sansevieria, succulents, and hoyas, as these varieties are some of her favorites in her home collection! Marisa has always had a passion for nature and gardening, when she’s not at Garden Heights or taking care of her own plants, she enjoys cooking, hiking, and hanging out with her cat Presley.




Nick has been working at Garden Heights since he was in high school and has been a part of our full time staff since 2019. His love for the world we live in has been a constant- starting with his family’s love for the outdoors and nurtured further by getting to be a part of the family business. The nursery and the surrounding community is very special to him, and he loves helping customers learn how to keep their trees and shrubs happy and healthy! His favorite plant of all time at Garden Heights is a flowering perennial- balloon flower- that looks like it could almost be out of a science fiction movie!





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