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Growing your food can be extremely rewarding. We aim to make you a successful gardener with a bountiful harvest. Stop in today to check out our large selection of organic edibles, seeds, fertilizers, and seed starting supplies that will make your garden a success!



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International herb association

Common yarrow has been named the International Herb Association's herb of the year! This resilient perennial, characterized by its dome-shaped clusters of petite white flowers, is commonly spotted along roadside and hiking trails, as well as in home gardens. Notably, it flourishes in impoverished soil even during dry spells, continuing to bloom. Introduced to America during colonial times, it is now regarded as a naturalized native plant.

our farmers


Our selection of vegetables and herbs uniquely reflects our urban area and comes from the best growers in the region. Stop by today and add  locally-grown veggies and herbs from some of our favorite farmers to your grocery garden lineup!


biver Farms- Edwardsville, IL

Kaiser Hill Farms- New Haven, MO

Sunnyview Gardens- Troy, MO

2024 veggies + herbs
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all plants are subject to seasonal availability.

vegetable gardening links

OLD FARMERS ALMANAC: has an updated frost chart as well as spring planting dates. As we know, St. Louis weather is unpredictable. Old Farmer's Almanac dates are about 50% accurate and and should be used as a general guideline.

SEEDS ST. LOUIS: A wonderful St. Louis organization devoted to educating and empowering our community through urban agriculture. A great resource for how-to videos and a great Vegetable Planting Guide.

JOHNNY'S SEEDS: offers many free planning tools such as a seed calculator, target harvest date, fall planting calendar, seed planting calendar, and succession planting calculator.

PEST CONTROL LIBRARY: The National Gardening Association provides a wonderful pest control library where you can search symptoms and get information on treating pests. ​

COMPANION PLANTING: The natural way to garden. How to pair plants for mutual benefits.

RODALE ORGANIC LIFE: Home, garden, food, and lifestyle 

RODALE INSTITUTE: Promoting organic and healthy lifestyle tips and how-tos

MOTHER EARTH NEWS: A guide to organic living

BACKYARD GARDENER: Home gardening information and tips




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