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See warranty details below for hardy trees and shrubs purchased from Garden Heights Nursery, Inc.

Garden Heights Nursery agrees to a one (1) time, 50% replacement warranty of any hardy tree or shrub, purchased and planted by the customer, which dies within one (1) year from the date of purchase. If a replacement plant of identical price and/or similar size is not in stock, the purchaser will be issued a store credit for 50% of the purchase price of the plant. No cash refunds will be given.


Thank you for your purchase and continued support.



  • Plants not maintained in accordance with written instructions furnished to purchaser are NOT covered by this warranty.

  • Plants dying as a result of vandalism or Acts of God, including but not limited to; drought, wind, hail, rain, fire, flood or other catastrophes are NOT covered by this warranty.

  • Trees or shrubs planted in decorative containers (and grown above ground) are NOT covered by this warranty.



To claim a 50% replacement credit, purchaser must advise Garden Heights Nursery of the plant’s demise and provide Garden Heights Nursery with the original register receipt for the plant(s) covered by this Limited Warranty within one (1) year from its date of purchase. If purchaser has any questions or concerns about the condition of the plant, please call Garden Heights for advice. Garden Heights Nursery reserves the right to inspect the plant(s) in question and assess their condition.




1605 Big Bend Blvd

Richmond Heights, MO 63117

314 - 645 - 7333

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