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some of our favorites this month


Oxalis, commonly known as the shamrock, comes in several colors in addition to the traditional St. Patrick's Day green! Oxalis takes bright indirect light and moderate moisture. A tip for first-time Oxalis owners- the plant may appear dead when it is in fact just dormant!


Haworthia tolerates lower light than many other succulents and even doesn't mind going dry between waterings!


Available year-round at Garden Heights, Anthurium comes in several colors. We often have red, pink, and white in stock and from time to time have orange and purple varieties also! Anthurium thrives in bright, indirect light with evenly moist soil, so be sure to water consistently and provide enough light for those beautiful blooms.

ivory prince

This helleborus variety produces creamy white flowers flushed with pink and green starting in late winter throughout the beginning of spring. They're perfect for areas with shade or dappled sunlight and are even deer and rabbit resistant!

Starting in spring, this helleborus variety produces dark rose-colored blooms. They're perfect for areas with shade or dappled sunlight and are even deer and rabbit resistant!

pippa's purple
helleborus- frostkiss series

The Frostkiss series of Lenten Roses includes Penny's Pink, Cheryl's Shine, Molly's White, Moondance, Dorothy's Dawn, and Pippa's Purple. Although hellebores are one of the first spring bloomers, the Frostkiss series emerges later than most hellebore varieties.


Pansies love full to partial sun and thrive when watered from the soil, not the leaves. They come in a variety of colors and seldom have problems with insects or disease, assuring they'll be a beautiful addition to your beds in early summer.


This low-growing annual is one of the first plants to bloom in the spring, and it continues producing blooms into fall. They are hardy and adaptable and come in a variety of colors! They appreciate lightly shaded areas, well-drained soil, and thorough watering once a week.


Ranunculus blooms in late March or early April with vibrant rose-like blossoms. They come in a wide variety of colors and are wonderful for beds, borders, rock gardens, and especially for fresh cut flowers.

Snow fountain weeping cherry

This beautiful, small yard tree is covered with snowy white flowers on naturally weeping branches. In the summer, it will produce a small amount of ornamental red-black fruit.

Spring Blooming Magnolias

Spring Blooming Magnolias are show-stoppers with impressive tulip-like flowers that fill the entire canopy. This excellent understory tree comes in a variety of colors and is a wonderfully low-maintenance. Plant in areas with full-to-partial sun. 

Show Off

Hardy and reliable, Show Off Forsythia is an early spring bloomer, signaling spring in full swing! It is low maintenance but requires a full sun location for best results. 

Hanging Planters

These neutral hanging planters just arrived in the store! Add some vertical interest inside with a hanging planter. We especially love filling these with trailing plants like pothos or ivy!

Hand-Carved Wooden Pottery

These beautiful hand-carved planters are the perfect neutral accent. Choose a plant with some height from the greenhouse (like our favorite the fiddle leaf fig) to add some life to a bare corner or room!

Found items

We've added a new section in the store this spring for items that are one-of-a-kind. These "found" items come from all over the world and are unique home accents with a story!

love one of these featured plants?

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