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Citrus is readily available at Garden Heights through the end of summer! Citrus are prized highly for their fragrant blooms that turn into fruit. They'll need sun to perform well, but certain varieties like the Meyer lemon have a higher cold tolerance and are even disease resistant.


An old-fashioned garden favorite, Dicentra Spectabilis (Bleeding Heart) has long arching racemes of heart shaped pink flowers. Plant in shade to part shade for best results!


Available year-round, Colocasia and Alocasia (commonly known as Elephant Ears) have stunning large leaves and are an amazing statement whether indoors or out! With perfect conditions they can grow up to seven or eight feet tall but are typically shorter than that due to Missouri's shorter growing season. A tip- these gorgeous leaves can't have too much sun!


Mertensia (commonly known as Virginia Bluebells) is a Missouri native! You'll see this spring ephemeral's bell-shaped sky blue flowers in April and May. Plant in part shade to full shade for best results.


A wide variety of palms is now available on our patio! Our year-round varieties include the Parlor palm, Lady palm, Bamboo palm, and Ponytail palm. Seasonal palms available in the warmer months include Areca, Bottle, Coconut, Chinese, European Fan, Triangle, and more! Care instructions vary widely from palm to palm, so be sure to ask one of our greenhouse experts!

JaCK Frost

Brunnera- Jack Frost has heart-shaped silver leaves with green veining and baby blue flowers in spring. Plant in a shady area with well-draining soil for best results.

Pre-made Containers

These pre-made grab and go containers are a colorful instant addition to any patio or deck. Stop by today to see our currently available varieties and sizes!


Snapdragons offer intensely saturated color and bloom in the spring and fall. Plant in full or partial shade in well-draining, rich and moist soil for best results. 


Accomplish a completely natural look with moss baskets perfect for annuals, greens, and trailing plants. They pair perfectly with spring-themed patio and porch decor.

Spring Blooming Magnolias

Spring Blooming Magnolias are show-stoppers with impressive tulip-like flowers that fill the entire canopy. This excellent understory tree comes in a variety of colors and is a wonderfully low-maintenance. Plant in areas with full-to-partial sun. 

Show Off

Hardy and reliable, Show Off Forsythia is an early spring bloomer, signaling spring in full swing! It's low maintenance but requires a full sun location for best results. 

Mint julep

Get ready for warm weather and cold, refreshing cocktails! These mint julep cups are a fresh addition to our store and provide drink menu inspiration for your next spring or summer get-together.

Webster Wax

We're the first store in St. Louis to carry Webster Wax's recently-released soaps! Available scents include orange blossom, teakwood, white rose, oud + birchwood, and lavender.

PJM Rhodendron

The PJM Rhodendron variety is the earliest blooming and most reliable rhodendron for the Midwest. Plant in groups for impressive visual impact, and ensure adequate drainage, compost, shielding from the afternoon sun, and consistent watering.

candy dishes

Spring has arrived and with it comes egg hunts, thoughts of rabbits, and, of course, candy! Skip the egg hunt and get straight to the candy with these fun, Easter-ready candy dishes. 





This tropical flowering vine is perfect for patio areas with bright, indirect sunlight. Be sure to transplant into well-draining soil with plenty of organic material for best results.


Grow hibiscus in a container for tropical blooms on the patio in the summer. Hibiscus loves at least six hours of sunlight and daily watering in warm weather months. (Be sure to take this tropical plant inside long before winter!)


Although harder to grow, gardenias produce some of the most fragrant summer blooms. Plant gardenias in full sun to light shade with well-draining, slightly acidic soil to see this beautiful sub-tropical plant flourish!


This beautiful flowering vine comes in several varieties and makes a perfect Mother's Day gift! Plant in full sun to light shade and make sure it has support for its climbing habit!


Peonies are a garden classic with large, fragrant blooms that come in a variety of pinks, whites, and reds. Plant in an area with full sun, little wind, and further from other trees and shrubs that could compete with peonies' water supply.

Himalayan Maidenhair Fern

This fern has lacy foliage with black stems and fronds that emerge bright bronze- pink in early spring. Plant in light to dappled shade with well-draining soil.

New Guinea

New Guinea impatiens have long-blooming flowers with pointed, oblong leaves. They flourish in a full-sun environment and are a butterfly magnet!


Maximize the vertical space on your patio with cone baskets that are perfect for annuals, greens, and trailing plants. They're a perfect addition to any summer-ready patio or porch.


Marigolds bloom brightly all summer long with gold, copper, and brass-colored carnation-like flowers. They love a full-sun environment and their blooms can withstand even the hottest summers.


These flowering shrubs are easy to care for and produce large colorful blooms in early or late spring, depending on the variety you choose. Some of our favorite varieties at Garden Heights are Bloom-a-thon azaleas, Girard series azaleas, ex-bury azaleas.

Hardy Bonsai Pumice stone planters

Hardy and reliable, Show Off Forsythia is an early spring bloomer, signaling spring in full swing! It's low maintenance but requires a full sun location for best results. 


It's finally time for roses! We have rose varieties for gardeners of all experience levels. Choose climbing roses for ornamental impact on your patio, shrub roses for the lowest maintenance, or drift roses for repeat blooms!

Hand blown glass decor

These hand blown glass garlands are a uniquely beautiful addition to any patio. String them along the edge of your pergola or deck for eye-catching color.


We have a variety of hats, scarves, and other summer accessories available in our store! Stop by today to pick one up as a Mother's Day gift (or as a little gift to yourself)!


Why buy multiple tools when one does the trick? Pick from our variety of bar multi-tools make spring entertaining easy and ensure you have everything on hand to have a great time!





Crotons are versatile and beautifully multicolored. They're a perfect transitional plant that can survive inside or outside in areas of sun to shade. The most common variety, Croton Petra, has bright green leaves with red, yellow, or orange coloring depending on its maturity.

Allium millenium

Allium Millenium produces compact clumps of glossy green foliage with delicate rosy-purple flower clusters. Plant in a sunny spot, and they'll provide abundant cut flowers midsummer. A bonus! They're deer and rabbit resistant!


Jasmine plants have creamy white flowers with a delightful scent. They thrive in full sun and bloom all summer. If you're looking for a climber, Trachelospermum with dark green foliage and white star-shaped flowers is perfect for a patio, terrace, or entryway. The Duke of Tuscany is a beautiful bush variety, producing a double flower with a rich fragrance.


Astilbe produces tall, fluffy plumes above fern-like foliage. This herbaceous perennial prefers rich, well-drained soil in an an area with light shade and morning sun.


With a myriad flower colors and variegated, colorful leaves, Canna is a great focal point for containers. Its flowers are commonly yellow, orange, red, pink, or white and stand out in stark contrast to its thick dark green, white, or even orange leaves! When not in a container, Canna is a great plant for wet areas and can even survive in standing water.


Garden Phlox produces tall eye-catching blooms with sweetly fragrant flowers in midsummer. Best planted in full sun to light shade, Garden Phlox is perfect for borders, rock gardens, beds, and meadows.


Lantana produces masses of pink, yellow, magenta, red, or purple flowers! Lantana is a heat-loving annual, making it perfect for beds, borders, and containers. Plant in full sun and water more frequently in midsummer heat.

sun patiens

Sun Patiens thrive in full sun and grow to a height of 24 or 36 inches! Their white, rose, salmon, orange, lavender, or red flowers are eye-catching for use in beds or large containers! If using Sun Patiens in your garden beds, be sure to plant in an area with rich, well-drained soil and with moderate watering.


Zinnias produce large, vibrant blooms on neat dwarf plants. Deer resistant, they're commonly used in beds, borders, and patio containers. Plant in full sun for colorful blooms all summer long.

Tuff Stuff Hydrangea

This very compact hydrangea is one of our favorites! It's a very hardy, colorful plant that blooms even after harsh winters! Enjoy blue or pink blooms in early summer through fall. You can even experiment with changing the bloom color by altering your soil pH!

Pee Wee
Oak Leaf Hydrangea

Our hydrangea selection is full of the best of the best! The Oak Leaf Hydrangeaa likes shade and doesn’t require as much attention. It can survive in dryer conditions than most other hydrangeas and doesn’t even require pruning!


Father's Day is Sunday, June 16th! Our variety of bottle openers and other accessories are perfect, useful gifts for Dad! Stop by today to see our selection!


Our variety of tools and utility accessories are helpful to have on hand in the garden, car, or home! Even better- they make for great, useful Father's Day gifts! Stop by today to see our selection of flashlights, tools, and other accessories.

Blue enchantress hydrangea

This repeat bloomer produces blue or pink mop-head flowers. We love that this variety provides pops of color all summer long, making it perfect for flower arrangements and borders that need spruced up!


Why buy multiple tools when one does the trick? Pick from our variety of bar multi-tools make summer  entertaining easy and ensure you have everything on hand to have a great time!





Ficus, commonly known as the fig tree, is a tropical plant that enjoys even moisture and bright, indirect light. There are a wide variety of ficus and even edible varieties. We currently are carrying Ficus benjamina and Ficus elastica (the rubber plant), as well as one edible variety- Ficus carica.


This perennial, non-tropical shrub loves the sun and flowers late summer until frost. Its flowers can be up to ten or twelve inches in diameter! Keep Hardy Hibiscus well-watered and mulched to maintain moisture. 

Chinese evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen comes in a tremendous variety of colors and patterns. It is characterized by a flowering spathe that may develop pretty (although inedible) berries. Good news- this beautiful plant is fairly low-maintenance- it is extremely tolerant of low light and even likes to go dry between waterings. Beginners tend to overwater, so be sure to forget!

rudbeckia- American
gold rush

Commonly called Black Eyed Susan, this variety has a dome-like habit with vibrant golden yellow flowers that you'll see midsummer into early fall. Plant in full sun to light shade for best results.


We carry cacti in abundance year-round at Garden Heights! The cereus species is one of our favorites, as it's perfect for first-time cactus owners. It's fast-growing and more tolerant of low light than other cacti. A common mistake though is overwatering, so be sure to monitor its soil (especially in winter months when it prefers to be drier).

agastache- bolero

Commonly called Hyssop, Agastache bolero is a great addition to your pollinator garden, as it attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and bees! It has beautiful  rose-purple flowers above bronze foliage and prefers to be planted in an area with full sun.  


Coleus has stunning foliage with leaves coming in green, pink, yellow, red, and maroon, making it perfect for adding interest to beds and borders. Coleus is extremely easy to grow and flourishes with well-draining soil and partial shade.


Commonly called periwinkle, annual vinca has glossy green leaves and flowers coming in pink, purple, red, white, and magenta. It is a crowd-pleaser, blooming nonstop from early summer until fall. It's extremely tolerant of sun and performs best in an area with well-drained soil.

coco lined exclusively grown baskets

These 14" baskets are grown just for Garden Heights! We love how these baskets easily brighten up any outdoor patio or porch with show-stopping blooms. Coco liners ensure that the plants stay hydrated while maintaining adequate drainage.

Rose of

Rose of Sharon is a deciduous shrub that blooms in late summer, making it the perfect addition for gardeners who want a colorful yard all season long! Plant in full sun to partial shade and in moist, rich soil for best results.

myrtle tree

Myrtle trees are summer bloomers with showy pink flowers that have delicately wrinkled petals. Myrtle trees need plenty of water when first planted, but once established can survive drought and limited growing space.


A sun-loving panicle hydrangea, Little Limelight has bright green pinnacle-shaped blooms that appear midsummer into fall. This variety is a reliable grower and is available as either a patio tree or a dwarf shrub! For larger flowers, you can prune this plant back to having only five to ten primary shoots.


We are getting new pottery in every week at Garden Heights! Modern, traditional, patriotic or spunky, our pottery is sure to add the perfect finishing touch when adding greenery to your indoor or outdoor space this summer.


Add a little music to your summer evening on the porch with a wind chime! Stop by today for several styles and sizes to choose from in our store!


Why buy multiple tools when one does the trick? Pick from our variety of bar multi-tools make summer  entertaining easy and ensure you have everything on hand to have a great time!





Philodendrons are a highly diverse group of plants with candidates for both low light and high light areas. A beginner mistake is overwatering, so be sure to check the care instructions for each plant's unique requirements. We have a wide variety available year-round!


The Golden Barrel Cactus is one of the easiest to care for and has beautiful golden spines! Our most important care tip- water less in the winter. We carry these year-round in the greenhouse.


Calathea has fabulous patterns on its upper leaves and usually a burgundy underside. New growth is furled, allowing a two-tone effect where you can see both sides of the leaf at the same time! Some plants in the prayer plant family even have leaves that fold up at night. 


Aster is a perfect perennial for brightening up your Fall garden and is an effective pollinator plant! We carry both native and non-native varieties. Plant in full sun for best results!

Calamint- Montrose white

This full-sun perennial has small, delicate white flowers on well-branched plants. Hummingbirds and bees love Calamint, making it a great addition to any pollinator garden!


Goldenrod is a beautiful Missouri Native and pollinator plant. It blooms abundantly July through October with golden yellow flowers. We have several varieties available with options for planting in full sun to light shade. 


Lantana has long-lasting flowers that thrive in full sun! It blooms from Spring to Fall, producing colorful clustered flowers. Lantana is a useful replacement annual to keep your beds bright and colorful even into Fall!

Annual milkweed

Annual milkweed is an effective pollinator that has a much longer flowering period in St. Louis than perennial milkweed. It produces clustered blooms from early summer to early Fall. Grow in full sun with evenly moist, well-drained soil, and watch the Monarchs flock to it!

Late summer hanging basket

We love how these baskets easily brighten up any outdoor patio or porch with show-stopping blooms that will surely survive the heat! Choose from both heat and shade-loving varieties like vinca, purslane, lantana, or a combination basket!

Centennial girl holly

This broad-leafed evergreen with green foliage and abundant bright red fruits. Fruit ripens in the fall and continues providing color throughout the winter. Plant in full sun to part shade and in an area that will have minimal winter wind.

Commonly called a Southern Magnolia, Bracken's Brown Beauty is a large tree that provides a dense screen in maturity. From mid-June until early July it produces beautiful, bulb-shaped white flowers that are extremely fragrant. 

Bracken's Brown

Berri-Magic Royalty Holly produces bright red berries Fall through Winter that are perfect for using as decoration during the holidays! Plant in August and be sure to water this southern shrub thoroughly.

Berri-magic royalty holly
Terrazzo Pottery

This terrazzo planter is a new favorite in our store! With a variety of sizes, these planters can brighten up just about any space! Visit today to see our ever-changing selection of modern pottery.