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the garden heights 2023
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2023 roses


FS: Full Sun

6 + hours of direct sun

PS: Part Shade

3 - 6 hours of direct sun

climbing roses

Climbing roses create brilliant, colorful displays. They gracefully make their way up pillars and trellises, showing off their blooms and spreading their fragrance. These are a must-have for English style gardens. 

Drift roses

Drift roses are a cross between ground cover roses and miniature roses, making them tough, disease-resistant, small, winter-hardy, and repeat bloomers. Drift roses offer all-season color and are ideal for planters and small gardens. For best results, cut back early spring after last frost date.

shrub/knockout roses

Knockout Roses are a type of shrub rose specifically created to be disease-resistant and very low-maintenance. Plant in full sun and water regularly to enjoy blooms from spring to the first day of frost.

David Austin Roses

David Austin English roses are artfully bred for fragrance, color, and delicacy. These repeat-bloomers have become popular for collectors and sought after for old-style blooms with modern color varieties.

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