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Delivery + Installation

We deliver and trees, shrubs, fountains and more! We deliver within the central corridor of St. Louis, and delivery charges vary based on delivery load and distance. Our installation services for trees and shrubs include delivery, soil amending, planting, and mulching. Costs vary based on the number and type of plant. The best part of having an amazing garden installed? We offer a one-year warranty that covers any tree or shrub we install! It is our aim to make sure you love your new landscape and your investment lasts.


let us do the dirty work

container designs of all sizes

simple repotting

potting services

Want to make sure your plant is potted and take-home ready? Let us do the dirty work for you. Choose your plant and pot from our large selection of pottery and houseplants, and we'll pot it for you!


Potting fees are dependent on the size of the container and includes the necessary potting materials (soil, gravel, etc.) During our busy months (April through June) please allow up to a week for potting. We can only pot plants from our nursery and cannot repot plants brought from home.

potting service


Our talented designers can create something beautiful for your indoor or outdoor space. Bring in your own pot or pick from our selection of pottery, and we'll create a container garden that best suits your budget, space, lighting situation, and desire. This service is perfect if you don't have the time or space to create an arrangement on your own! During our busy months (April through June) please allow up to a week for container design.

container design

let us do the dirty work for you

potting services




1605 Big Bend Blvd

Richmond Heights, MO 63117

314 - 645 - 7333

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