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Meet Ginger! The Garden Heights Kitty

Ginger strolled into the nursery in the spring of 2017. She hired herself on the spot.

Ginger arrived with no resume and no previous experience in horticulture. She proved to be a quick learner and can now be found hard at work throughout the nursery.

Ginger loves annuals, perennials, herbs, trees, shrubs, the greenhouse and the store counter. Customer service is her specialty. Friendly and affectionate, Ginger has been a pawsome addition to our staff! She loves getting pets and is frequently featured on our Instagram page. If you have some great photos of her, tag on on social media! We love seeing photos of our visitors having fun and being inspired while browsing our selection of plants, pottery and home decor.

Below we've put together a few of our favorite photos of Ginger from the past year, and look forward to another year of Ginger gracing the nursery with her adorable presence.

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