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Introducing the 2018 Plants of the Year!

Every year, we find out which plants earned the coveted top spots in their plant categories for 2018 by their respective plant associations. Garden Heights Nursery carries these plants and more, delivered to our urban retail center in Richmond Heights, MO.

Looking for 2018 gardening inspiration? Read on to see which plants made the cut this year!


2018 Annual of the Year

Supertunia Bordeaux

supertunia bordeaux annual of the year

Supertunia petunias are known for their vigorous blooms that fill containers with lush colors as well as cascading waves of continuous blooms.

Grown best in full sun, Bordeaux is known for its muted lilac shades accented with a contrast of vibrant dark aubergine throats.

2018 Hosta of the Year

World Cup Hosta

2018 Hosta of the Year

A large hosta with deeply cupped golden leaves that are thick and heavily corrugated. A strong grower that forms an upright clump 20" high and 45" wide.

Pale purple flowers in mid summer appear on stalks.

Best grown in full to partial shade.

2018 Perennial of the Year

Allium Millenium

A butterfly magnet from the ornamental onion family! Blooms in mid-summer with large globes of rose-pink flowers. Allium millenium has attractive, shiny green grassy foliage.

Deer and rabbit resistant!

Looks great with other summer blooming perennials.

2018 Vegetable of the Year

The Rutabaga

2018 vegetable of the year

This traditional root vegetable is a cross between the cabbage and the turnip.

Best grown in spring or fall and easy to grow by seed, rutabagas form bulbous heads above the soil with striking green foliage.

Cook the bulbs for a yummy treat and toss the greens into spring or autumn salads.

Garden Heights Nursery will be carrying these 2018 Plants of the Year at our urban plant nursery as well as other highly sought after plants, flowers, vegetables and more! Visit our garden retail center for the freshest plants available in St. Louis.

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