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5 Supplies for Seed Starting Success

Looking for the perfect combo for seed starting success? Whether it’s your first time starting your garden from seed or you’re a seasoned seed-starting pro, these supplies and tried-and-true brands will set you up for veggie garden abundance year after year!

Never started your own veggie garden from seed? Read our beginner guide to seed starting here first!

1- Heating Mat

In fluctuating winter months, seed starting mats help keep your seeds at the ideal temperature. Keeping them between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal and helps your seeds germinate the quickest (especially if you’re getting a late start).

Although it’s helpful for creating heat, the seed heating mat won’t keep seeds dryer in the case of overwatering. (It’s not hot enough to help water evaporate faster.) Ensure to water only enough to keep the soil slightly moist so that the seeds don’t sit in a pool of warm water.

2-Trays and Domes

If you tend to accidentally overwhelm your seedlings with moisture, these domes and trays are the perfect solution! The dome ensures that your seeds retain the heat needed for growth, and it also is a useful tool for watering!

Instead of watering your seedlings directly, you can remove the dome, spray the top, then replace it so that the seedlings receive droplets of water from above over time!

The dome should always have consistent moisture on it throughout the day. Plan to spray it about 3 times a day depending on your environment.

Because the dome will retain heat, make sure to keep your tray away from nearby vents or heat registers, otherwise, they may dry out too quickly.

Final tip- contrary to popular belief, seedlings don’t need a fan or stimulation to grow stronger roots and stems, so there’s no need to remove the dome for airflow or to use a fan to create extra airflow in the room. Placing the dome over the top and removing it from time to time is the perfect environment.

3-Agro Bulbs

If you don’t have a southern-facing window or have very minimal light indoors in the winter, Agro bulbs are helpful for adding stimulating light even on the darker days. Instead of relying on natural light, they extend your seeds’ growing time to a 24/7 growth period, decreasing the time to germination!

Place your grow bulb about 6-8” from the top of your seed tray. (Anything below that may burn the plants.) One bulb per seed tray should suffice, but always look at the back of the package of your bulb to know that brand’s coverage and find out how many you may need for your tray size.

4-Mycorrhiza Root Enhancer

Mycorrhiza root enhancer is our favorite cheat for seed starting! Mycorrhiza provides beneficial bacteria for the soil, helping your seedlings grow even quicker!

Originating from the forest floor, Mycorrhiza helps plants:

- Send proper signals throughout their roots

- Improve and strengthen their root structure

- Defend roots from harmful attacks

- Channel moisture throughout the root system

- And break down harder minerals in the soil to use as many nutrients as possible for growth!

Better yet, it doesn’t take a lot of mycorrhizae to see results! You’ll be able to keep the same bag and use it year after year!

Note that some soil blends for seed starting already have mycorrhizae in them, so be sure to check your soil mixture before adding more.

5-Happy Frog Soil

Happy Frog is our favorite soil brand for seed starting! It uses a dynamic mix of minerals and nutrients that promote growth without needing to add fertilizers that could overwhelm and burn young seedlings. (Using normal soils like Miracle Grow with high-powered fertilizers too early can cause chemical burns on just-developing plants.)

Looking for more suggestions or want to find these products in our store? We’d be glad to help you find everything you need for a successful start to the season! See you soon!


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