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Our Favorite Fall Annuals and Fillers!

As days get shorter and nights get cooler, your containers and beds can still be full of color! We carry an abundance of fillers and blooming annuals that will keep your yard and patio looking lively all the way until first frost. Read about some of our favorite transition annuals for fall and stop by any time to see our full selection!

Fall Blooming Annuals

Toto Gold Rudbeckia:

Rudbeckia has vibrant flowers that attract butterflies! They’re perfect for edging your garden and planting with asters and daylilies.

Intenz Celosia:

Celosia thrives in end-of-summer heat and its deep purple color remains vibrant all season long! It can even be grown indoors!


Aster is densely colorful and is perfect for borders or edging in containers! Water regularly if we get hit with surprising fall heat!

Snaptastic Red Snapdragon:

Snapdragons make for beautiful cut flowers in the fall! To make them last even longer, remove spent blooms!

Mohave Yellow Bracteantha (Straw Flower):

We love straw flower’s yellow, paper-like petals. Strawflower is easy to grow and looks especially good in window boxes!

And always mums are the way to go for fall! We carry 4 inch mums of all colors! Stop by any time to pick out some of these beautiful blooming annuals.

Fall Fillers

Those statement annuals wouldn’t look complete without fillers to make them stand out. Fill out your containers and beds like a pro with these favorite annual fillers!

Ornamental Cabbage and Kale:

Vegetables aren’t just for eating. Cabbage and kale take up plenty of space in containers and provide contrast for colorful blooms. Cabbage especially provides interesting height variance to the front of beds or containers since it will grow quite close to soil level.

Lysimachia- Midnight Sun:

This trailing filler produces golden yellow flowers that beautifully contrast its purple leaves! We love using it in fall hanging baskets!

Algerian Ivy:

This low-growing filler will climb trees and walls and can even be grown indoors as a houseplant!

Yellow Ripple English Ivy:

English Ivy trails beautifully in hanging baskets and containers, and you won’t have to worry about it getting too much sun!

Silver Falls Dichondra:

Dichondra has small green leaves and loves hot, dry areas of the garden! Use as ground cover in full-sun beds or in containers.

Ornamental Oregano:

Last but most definitely not least- ornamental oregano is a beautiful filler for patio containers, with green-purple bracts and even rose-colored flowers! Add it for surprising, filling color!

Need more ideas or have any questions? We’d love to help. Stop by the nursery and we’ll help you find the perfect combination of fall annuals! And if you’d rather not do the potting at home, we offer potting and arrangement to make sprucing up your outdoor spaces for fall as easy as possible.

See you soon in the annuals section!


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