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Gardening to Attract Beneficial Insects

Beneficial insects are the "good" insects that perform valuable tasks in the garden like pollinating, acting as natural predators, or preying on destructive insects. Organic gardeners attract these beneficials to their gardens so they are able to avoid the use of insecticides. Even some of the organic or natural insecticides pose a threat to honey bees and other good insects. It isn't hard to attract these beneficials to your garden.

The best way to attract these beneficial insects is to plant a flower bed or border of plants that are rich in pollen and nectar. Insects need water, so having a birdbath or a shallow bowl is also good idea. Pollen-rich plants attract honey bees and help to stabilize a healthy bee population, which in turn, encourages good pollination. Other plants help to attract the predator insects that control the damaging insects.

Some of these beneficial insects include: Aphid Midge, Bees, Yellow Jackets, Braconoid Wasp, Damsel Bug, Ground Beetles, Lacewings, Lady Bugs, Minute Pirate Bugs, Soldier Beetles, Spined Soldier Bug, Tachinid Flies & Spiders. Get familiar with these little critters!


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